On The Water Training

Not only have I been boating most of my life but I have also been teaching it.  I find there is a big difference between someone that can “show you” how to boat and dock and someone that can teach you.  I have perfected many teaching technique over the years that are geared towards making the student feel comfortable and in control of the boat at all times.  There is docking, then their is precision docking tow vastly different things.  I teach the latter with understanding of every move of the controls and wind and currents. This teaching style takes the fear and apprehension out of docking and turns it into a honed skill that makes you want to find the hardest place to dock and tie up there. Because now you can!  I have been NASBLA approved for 20 years to teach in classroom and with the introduction of the National Safe Boating Council I have been approved by them for close quarter docking. Here are what few of my clients have said over the years.

What our clients are saying…

“We were very appreciative of operating our new 28 footer. We have never owned a boat before and new we needed help.  Capt. Dave put both of us at ease right away and took us one step at a time, from our dock lines to the daily maintenance of the boat.  In just several hr. were had a much better understanding of your boat and how to operate it.  We would highly recommend Capt. Dave for any new boater.”

Paul and Cathy   28’ Hydrasport

“I have been sail boating for 20 yrs and recently switched to a trailer style boat.  Never driven such a boat, Capt. Dave was instrumental in helping me understand how to dock my new boat safely and easily.  Even boating for 20 years he taught me thing I had never thought of. I could not believe that is such a short time I had the confidence to take the boat out safely with my family.”

Dan  36’ Grand Banks

“Capt. Dave takes control and eased my mind when taking the boat in and out of the slip.  His instruction and confidence makes learning tight quarters almost fun.  Thanks for all your help and knowledge.”

Gerry  30’ Bayliner

“We wanted to buy our last boat first; the only problem is was we did not know anything about boating.  Capt. Dave took our docking procedures step buy step and including how to use dock and spring lines to help us in tight quarters.  He taught and explained things to us that no other Capt. has.  We thank him very much for his insight and invaluable knowledge of boat handling; we now have the confidence to travel without a Capt.”

Bill and Diana   56’ M/Y

“This was my first time with a twin screw boat; prior to this boat I have owned smaller outboard motorboats. Capt. Dave did a wonderful job of teaching me how to use my boat.  I had tried to dock it by myself but ended up doing a lot of damage not only to my boat but, to my dock mate.  After Capt. Dave came down and we have a few lessons I was not only happy with the results but, so were my fellow dock mates.”

Chris   32’ Lurhs

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