Boat Tours in Charleston SC

The best way to get there!

Lets face it, it’s just a cool way to get picked up!

For those of you staying downtown and want a different means of transportation to the boat we can offer our classic 1970 VW Bus. The bus has been well kept with only 60,000 original miles on it. It still has its original motor with 57 hp! (This means you will be required to push if there are more then 3 people in your group – just kidding.) It can seat up to 6 guests and is a fun way to get around downtown. Please be advised it has 2-55 air-conditioning (This means 2 windows at 55mph).

That being said it’s still the coolest way to get to the boat. And for those of you wondering, and doing the math, No I have never seen it go 55 mph! So from one old classic to another in a historic city it doesn’t get any better than this.

Please let us know in advance if you would like to be picked up.