Yacht Delivery and Management

Do you need your boat relocated to a new port?

Captain Dave has over 25 years of experience running different boats up and down the east coast as well as delivering boats to the west coast. He is extremely knowledgable, the kind that only comes with years of experience, and holds a 200 ton USCG Master License for over 20 years. He also teaches boat handling and close quarter maneuvering. He is both a NASBLA and Safe Boating Council certified instructor for both in classroom and on the water training. Safety and comfort is his first priority.

Driving and captaining a boat or yacht takes a certain set skills. Delivering sea trials for brokers and management is a completely different skill set. For this type of boating you need many different facets to do the job right.

Each boat is different and each job is different and comes with its own set of difficulties. It takes a unique skill to be able to jump on just about any boat and within a short amount of time be able to understand the complex systems as well as be able to predict how the boat will handle not only in a seaway but in close quarters.

Captain Daves 25 plus years of running different boats and teaching people how to drive their boats has given him a vast amount of experience with many different vessels and how a certain type of boat will handle.

Not Just Yacht Delivery But Management As Well

Captain Dave also has in depth knowledge of many different boat systems and mechanicals with years of experience working on different engines and systems. This can save time and money when things go wrong or break. Captain Dave does not have to wait for a mechanic to show up. He immediately goes to work and figures out what is wrong and works toward solving the problem without incurring anymore costly repairs with outside contractors. If he encounters something beyond his scope and does need to bring someone in he has many contacts throughout the east coast and can help facilitate the repairs.

Planning The Trip

Engineering and trouble shooting of broken machinery and how to deal with adverse situations on an unfamiliar yacht are crucial skill sets to have when taking a vessel on a long journey. Decisions at sea can be life or death as well as adversely affect the boat and scheduled delivery which is why you need a highly experienced Captain.

Charts, depths, ports, and marinas are all factored in even though we have done the same trip many times before. How fast or slow the boat goes will determine where we stay. Understanding how much fuel the boat burns at a certain RPM will determine if can we make the ports we want.

Other factors that affect the trip are if the boat can run over night or if it is just a day boat. Knowledge of which marinas can hold the boat, if their is proper dockage space, and if we can get fuel there are all factors that go into trip planning and need to be carefully considered ahead of time.

Trusted With Boats Of All Shapes And Sizes

Captain Dave treats every boat as if it were his own; with the upmost care and respect. He always makes safety priority both for the crew and for the vessel. Things like route and weather planning are carefully scrutinized. Weather and sea conditions dictate the when and how of the journey. While the goal is always to deliver the boat on time, having a schedule can be one of the most deadliest things you can have on a boat. Schedule will never come before a safe passage, but with that said, Captain Dave has an excellent track record for delivering on time. Logs are kept hourly and engine room checks are also done on the hour when feasible.

Safe and Knowledgable

Captain Dave provides everything from pick up to final delivery. We run boats from 32 feet to 100’ and Captain Dave holds a 200 ton master license and is enrolled in a random drug test program. Weather you are a one time customer or looking for a more long term relationship when running your boat from one port to another you can count on Carolina Marine Group.

Local Captain Service

Captain Dave also runs many boats locally in the Charleston, SC area. If you own a boat and don’t feel comfortable taking it out, we can have our crew take care of your needs. Spend the day on the water with family and friends without the worry of docking and driving the boat. Relax, have a drink, and socilalize with your friends and family while we do all the work. This is the safest way to have fun on the water and enjoy Charleston.

Local Yacht Management

If you own a boat and know nothing about it, or just simply don’t want the headache of having to deal with all the stuff that comes along with boat ownership, we would be happy to watch over your boat and insure that it is in top shape when you want to use it. From washing to battery and bilge check, we can insure your boat is safe and ready to go.

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