Dolphin Tours Charleston SC

Taking a dolphin tour in Charleston will be a highlight of your trip not just because everybody loves dolphins but nothing quite beats a day out on the water surrounded by the wind, waves, wildlife, and history. Dolphins are very social and lovable creatures and very friendly towards humans. Every time we take a tour of Charleston harbor we come across dolphins playing together.

They truly are fascinating creatures. Did you know that a dolphin can swim 3 to 7 miles per hour and some can swim even faster than that. Dolphins have been clocked as fast as 34.5 miles per hour. They are highly intelligent creatures and scientists have proven that dolphins actually name each other. That’s right! They have whistles and can recognize their own as well as the whistles of other dolphins.

They also like to play with other animals and ride waves. Dolphins take care of the sick and wounded members of their pod and have even come to the rescue of humans out at sea. There are stories of dolphins leading people to rescue someone lost at sea as well as rescuing people from sharks. There are stories of dolphins saving surfers and fishermen as well as even rescuing other animals.These are just some of the reasons people want to swim with dolphins or go dolphin watching. It is really fun to be out on the water enjoying the weather and then suddenly get surrounded by a pod of dolphins. They often like to synchronize with one another and live in communities of five to several hundred.

We have already mentioned how they love to help each other and also how intelligent they are. Simply observing their hunting habits confirms these facts. They hunt together using echolocation to find and then surround a school of fish. Once they have a school surrounded they each take turns swimming through and enjoying a meal while the others keep them surrounded. Even though dolphins have teeth they do not chew their prey but rather swallow their food whole. Their teeth are only used for catching fish but not for chewing. They will also follow fishing boats a well as birds because they know an easy meal of stray fish awaits.

They have amazed scientists with their smarts over and over. In Western Australia, at a location called Shark Bay, researchers noticed a strange phenomena. There were lots of rocks and broken coral on the sea floor and so instead of hurting themselves on these sharp surfaces they ripped a piece of sponge from the sea floor and placed it over their beaks to protect themselves while they hunted.

Dolphins can stay underwater for up to 15 minutes. They breathe through a blowhole which gets covered by a flap when they dive so that their lungs do not fill up with water.

Dolphins have been known to launch out of the water which is sometimes to get a better view or to simply have fun. You may see dolphins swimming alongside ships or in the wake of a smaller boat. Scientists have said that they believe they do this to conserve energy but knowing how playful dolphins are my best guess is they do it for fun.

I hope this gives you a greater understanding and love for dolphins. Now when you visit and are looking for things to do in Charleston come join us for one of our dolphin tours. You will know even more how amazing these playful creatures are as you watch them up close.

Ready for your day on the water?