Harbor tours in Charleston, SC

Lets face it Charleston is one of the most beautiful and iconic cities in the country let alone the South. But have you gotten the full experience of Charleston without leaving tera-ferma? At Carolina Marine Group we don’t think so! You are missing half the experience of what our city has to offer and what living in the low country is all about. Ask any local and they will tell you being on the water is a must, especially in the hot months! So about 11 months out of the year. So why miss out? What better way to do it then on your very own private yacht with a knowledgeable captain and crew. Plan your Harbor Tour in Charleston SC Today!

With so anythings to do from, shops and restaurants, historical houses, plantations, local brewery’s and distillers there is a lot to do. So it is tough to cram it all in especially when you have only a short time to be here. And we have thought of that especially if you like the later. We have teamed up with many of the local distilleries, brewers and cigar shops so you can take a few things of your list while enjoying your time on the water.

Castle Pinckney from the Charleston Harbor

Castle Pinckney

Charleston is a very historic place and a lot of the sites and history is on the water. Its one thing taking a land tour and looking out on the harbor and pointing thing out but, its another to have your own friends and family on board actually heading out to those sites while enjoying our waterways and looking at Charleston from a different perspective. Did you know that on the lower peninsula no building can be higher then a church steeple? You can only see that perspective from the water.

Most people head to waterfront park one of our crown jews in the city. The pineapple fountain located in the park has been voted one of the top ten fountain in the us! You can get great views from there of the harbor, from the ravens bridge to Fort Sumter way off in the distance. You can see on many of the plaques in the park where everything is in the harbor. We bring you there, right up close and tell you about the history and what went on during the civil war and beyond. It is a much more interactive experience then just reading.

Our harbor tour takes you up close to all of the forts in the harbor including Fort Sumner and Fort Moultrie heading out of the harbor. Did you know the first submarine was launch in the harbor and sank a merchant ship the Housatonic , a union ship right off the coast of Sullivan’s Island? Well, really the sub was launched 3 times but you can ask me about that on our tour.

You have free rain of the boat when on board and we have full facilities for your comfort including a full size fridge and bathroom. We have AC on board for the really hot days. Not much breeze is blowing downtown in the summer months and we find it much better to be out on the water with a breeze having a glass of wine or beer while taking in the sites. No walking around sweeting wondering when he march will be over. We have completely updated the boat so you can sit back relax and take in the sites in style.

There is so much to see I almost forgot about our guests favorite parts of the trip, the wild life. When I mean wild life I mean Dolphins we have so many dolphins in the harbor. they are fun and playful and will usually come up to or close to the boat and hang out for a while. but you have to watch for them, a lot of time our guests are having so much fun talking and hanging out with us they simply forget to look. don’t worry we are always on the look out for them as well as other sea creatures that pop up from time to time. We get sea turtles, manatees, sunfish, seagulls and pelicans.

Our trip is great for ages including smaller ones. What kid doesn’t like going to the bridge and driving a big boat? They can with us it’s a real life iPad game to keep them entertained while the adults can enjoy the yacht experience and take in the sites and relax. I promise this will be the best thing you do in Charleston! Just ask any of our last guests and check our 5 star reviews.

Ready for your day on the water?