Charleston Port & Shipyard Tour

Exploring Charleston's Ports

Get up close on huge container ships!

Charleston is very unique due to the fact that it has both copious amounts of history and a very busy commercial port. Our port and shipyard tour is geared towards those people that like ships, infrastructure, and just things off the beaten path that you don’t see every day.

On this tour we get up close to huge container ships at the port. You can watch the massive cranes loading and unloading thousands of containers from all over the world.

Container Ship Charleston South Carolina

Around the corner is the mothballed navy fleet that stands ready to push out of port within 48 hrs. The old navy shipyard is always bustling with activity. Navy ships, cargo ships, and the like, all get service and inspections done here. You can also see tug boats, floating dry docks, and Coast Guard ships.

This is a great way to see the waters of Charleston and all they have to offer. This tour also includes the ships at Patriots Point and a complete view of the harbor and all its history.


Captain Dave and Mia were awesome! They were very helpful and accommodating. A great activity to do with a group of people. So fun and so kind!!!!

Valentina Margiottiello
Chad Pittman

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"Hatterass" Our Flagship

6 Passengers or Less

Motor Boat

6 Passengers or less

2 Hour Minimum

 $200/HOUR plus 18% Gratuity

*Some tours are special set pricing. After you submit your request we will get back to you with exact pricing.

"Ship of Fools" Party Boat

Up to 18 Passengers

Party Boat

12 Passengers or less

2 Hour Minimum

$400/HOUR plus 18% Gratuity

13 to 18 Passengers

2 Hour Minimum

$500/HOUR plus 18% Gratuity

"Southern Comfort" Luxury Yacht

Sleeps up to 8 Guests

Luxury Yacht

2 Night Minimum

Regular Season

$400 per night for 2 guests

Off Season

$350 per night for 2 guests

Additional guests

$75 per person per night

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