Party Boats Charleston SC

Party boats in Charleston are popular so now is the time to book your special event with us in advance on our “Ship of Fools”, the most fun party boat on Charleston Harbor! People come to Charleston SC to relax and what better way to relax than by taking a boat cruise out on the water.

While the majority of our booking are bachelorette parties we can always find an excuse to party and will help you celebrate whatever the occasion. We love what we do and it shows when you come aboard, which is one of the reasons why we were voted “Best Tour Company” in The Post and Courier Charleston’s Choice Awards.

About Our Party Boat

Our party boat has a swim platform to make it easy to board and we have added rafts, noodles and other toys to make the trip even more fun. We have a head which always comes in handy on a party boat. The sound system is bluetooth so it is easy for guests to connect and play their favorite music and the boat has a very wide 12 foot beam which makes it very stable with plenty of room to move around or, dance around!

Enjoy soaking up some rays on the the huge sun pad or retreat from the sun as the boat is covered about 3/4 of the way to offer the best of both worlds. The decks are easy to clean so spilling of drinks and other stuff is not a problem if things get rowdy aboard, and this is actually encouraged! We love it when our guest tell us that we made their trip!

Some of the parties and events that our guests book with us are:

  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Bachelor Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Family Reunions
  • Graduation Parties
  • Celebrations For Promotions
  • Corporate Events
  • Other Special Occasions

We quite literally look for reasons to party because we love having fun, so whether it is Cinco de Mayo, Siblings Day, or National Corn Dog Day (yes it’s a real thing), let us know and we will help you celebrate!!

About the “Ship of Fools”

I started my company years ago with a boat called Hatterass which I have had most of my life now. It is a 36 foot Hatteras that can carry up to 6 paying passengers. For many years I had been getting calls for groups that have more than 6 people and over the years the calls have increased. I knew I needed to do something to accommodate our guests so I set up a meeting with the Coast Guard in Charleston to have them take a look at Hatterass and see if we could put that into service for more passengers.

After a very long talk with the Coast Guard and going over the boat and the CFR’s on passenger vessels I realized it was going to be to much to convert the boat to the new standards. If you have never looked into passenger vessels and requirements give it a look. It is completely different then recreation boats, hence the cost of commercial vessels.

At that time I began scouring the internet for boats that would suit our needs. I soon realized this was a harder task then I imagined. There simply was not a lot of inspected boats for sale. I could have built a pontoon boat or a skiff but this did not fit with our business model of higher end boats. I wanted it to look like a boat, have a head which is very important on a party boat, and also plenty of space to move around.

After month of searching I finally came across this old beat up dive boat in Florida. I took a ride down to see it and it was in rough shape. It was fine for a dive boat but for our business I was going to have to do a complete make over. This was something that I am accustomed to as all our other boats have been overhauled so the fact that it needed a lot of TLC was not a deterrent to me.

After weeks of negotiations we finally did the paper work and I was already pre booking the boat. I got it to Charleston where I started the restoration. The hull was sanded down to bare glass and repainted. The inside was cleaned out of all the dive gear and painted. I installed a head and sound system. The boat was loud at first because there were no mufflers on the boat. I installed two new mufflers which made a big difference. I then lined the engine room and top of the cover with sound damping material. It made an even bigger difference and it is now so quiet. We want our guests to have a great experience so we pay attention to the details and there are a lot of the things we do that our guests may never notice and I like keeping it that way. What we love is seeing people having a great time enjoying themselves and being the high light of their trip in Charleston.